Bela Crkva national library

The Bela Crkva national library is located on the 1. Oktobra street, number 57. This is a service which began its work in 1865. with the founding of the Serbian reading room.
It functions as a self sufficient service from 1995. The book fund numbers 24.500 books. The library also owns a special legacy collection of 5000 books donated by the family of a famous citizen of Bela Crkva, Jovan Putnik, a theatre director and poet. The library provisions books to readers of all towns in the municipality of Bela Crkva.
Besides collecting, keeping and renting books, Bela Crkva national library publicises literal works. Book nights, lectures, shows are held in the library building.

Work hours of the library are from 7:30-20:00. In the summer the library is open from 7:30-13:00 and 18:00-22:00.
Visitors can read newspapers and magazines in the library building.
The library is a part of the COBISS system.

Bela Crkva national Library