Češko selo

Češko selo is 10 kilometres away from Bela Crkva. It is the smallest village in the Bela Crkva municipality with 21 homes. It is unique because it has a permanent installation in the museum, which is by character ethnographic, and is linked with the specific entity of Czechs which live in the South Banat region. Češko selo is an oasis of peace and untouched nature.

Stara Palanka

Stara palanka is 12 kilometres away from Bela Crkva, and is located in the confluence of the Danube-Tisa-Danube canal, Danube and Nera.
It is specific because even if it's a small village, it has five restaurants famous for their fish stew and fish specialities. On the other side of the Danube river the famous Ram fortress is located, the shores are connected with a ferryboat which operates five times per day, every three hours.
Stara Palanka represents an ideal place for all fishermen and cyclists who love a good bite and a vacation with the vast Danube river.
Etno villages Češko Selo and Stara Palanka, are landmarks of material culture, and have great value and perspective in developing ecotourism in Bela Crkva.

Češko selo and Stara Palanka