Serbian Orthodox church

The first Serbian Orthodox church in Bela Crkva was built in 1751. The church was made out of wood and was dedicated to the saints Peter and Paul. In 1774. high command of Ilirian-Banat border regiment made a proposition that a new church, made of hard materials should be built, because the old one was getting cramped with the rise in Serbian population. Work had begun in 1774., and were completed in 1780. The new church was also dedicated to saints Peter and Paul.
From 1780. until 1794. inner workings were done, the shrine was installed, and church decoration was position. The carpentry was done by Aksentije Maksimović. In the year 1800. three church bells were commissioned.
By the end of 1805. the church was built, work on the tower, which was covered in cooper plates has been finished. From 1808. to 1838. maintenance and inner works were done. In that period new murals were painted.
Paintings were done by Simeon Jakšić, a painter from Bela Crkva, icons and murals on the altar were done by Pavel Ćurković and Arsenije Janković.
Because of the baroque building style and famous murals, icons and paintings, the church has been proclaimed a historical monument in 1962.

Catholic church of Bela Crkva

The first German settlers in 1718. built a church on foundation of an old ruined church. That church was razed in the Austria-Turkish was, but was rebuilt in 1740. and dedicated to St. Anna. In 1778. the church was expanded and repaired.
The decision for building a new church was made in 1793. It was chosen to be built in place of the Border regiment building, which had burned down in the Austria-Turkish war. In 1803. construction had begun and the bell was commissioned. By 1806. all the construction was finished. In 1862. the tower clock was set, and in 1868. an artistic iron door.

Romanian Orthodox church

By the end of 1868. the Romanian church has proposed, and the Magistrate had approved a building site for an Romanian Orthodox church. In the next year, the Romanian Church had bought the tavern Turkish Head, which was repurposed as a temporary church.
Construction of the Romanian Orthodox church in Bela Crkva had begun in 1871. and was finished in 1872.


Russian Orthodox church

In 1930 a donation was made by Count Dimitije Šahovski, and with donation from locals construction of a Russian Orthodox church was funded. Construction was finished in 1931. The church of St. Jovan Bogoslov was blessed by Episcope Teofan Kurski in 1932.

Evangelistic church

The Evangelistic church of Bela Crkva was built in Madespracher street (today the street name is Jovan Cvijić street) in 1878. The church was reconstructed in 1926. Since the number of Evangelists in Bela Crkva diminished after World War 2, services in the church have halted.