Deliblato sands

Deliblato sands is the biggest sand desert in Europe, often called "European Sahara". It is located in the southeastern part of Banat area. This vast region expands on over 300 km² of land, the main sand mass is surrounded by fertile land. It represents a natural landmark of the Panon valley and is home to many specific types of flora and fauna, which are rare in Europe. The sands represent a geomorphological and ecological phenomenon, not only for the Panon valley, but Europe as well.
An island of steppes where specific meadows and forests give shelter to many animals. Flora of this area is composed of over 900 types of higher plants, many of which are relics and rarities. It is the only place in Serbia where specific plants grow: Banat peony, steppe peony, Pančić pelen, šerpeti, ,kockavica, Degenova. Twenty different types of orchids grow in this area.
The area is considered one of the most important bird habitats in Europe, many rare and endangered bird species call Deliblato sands their home. Beasts of prey are represented by the following types: Banat hawks, Eastern imperial eagles and Lesser spotted eagles. The area is suitable for beasts of prey because there are many meadows, where they can pray on critters.
Animals that live in the region are: wolves, deer's and wild boars.
Natural beauties and uniqueness of Deliblato sands make it ideal for recreation, hunting and eco-tourism. Deliblato sands is a Special natural reservation.

Deliblato sands hunting grounds

The area is 33.610 acres, with 1.850 acres belonging to "Dragićev Hat", an enclosed huntingground within Deliblato sands. The hunting grounds does business within JP „Vojvodinešume“, and is managed by „Banat“ Pančevo.
Bigger game that can be hunted are deer's and wild boars. Smaller game that can be hunted are small wild ducks and geese.

Swans pane

In the Deliblato sands region, on the left shore of Danube, from Dubovac to Stara Palanka, the area is called Swans pane. The area is covered in marches and swamps that are essential for biodiversity, Ramsar association placed it on a list of great significance. Its is a region that represents a main station on the Balkans for birds flying to the south and back. A smaller area of swamps, river islands and Danube shores, 2.500 acres in total, are hunting grounds for commercial hunting, under great control. The percentage of Bela Crlva municipality which is in the scope of the spatial plan for special purpose Special Nature Reserve "Deliblato Sands" ( "Official Gazette of APV" No. 8/2006) is 45.6%. As a natural extension of the SRP "Deliblato sands" pastures stretch at an attractive undulating relief of Little sands (the left and right side of the road Dubovac - Bela Crkva, behind the canal). Both sites are important habitats of natural rarities in the flora and fauna (Gorocvet, ground squirrel, mole rat, feeding areas and nesting sites of birds of prey), which enjoy special protection status on the basis of the Regulation on the protection of natural rarities ( "Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia", No. 50/93 and 93/93).

Deliblato Sands