The fast and blessed river Nera divides two countries, Serbia and Romania, but it's shore connects the two nations. It connects the Serbian people who live in two countries, on the shores of the Nera River. The Epiphany blessing of Nera waters by the towns of Vračev Gaj and Sokolovac. The river caries the blessing to all the people who live by the river Danube, all the way to the Black sea, and further. The parish of Vračev Gaj is visited by his excellency Episcope of Banat, mister Nikanor. After the holy liturgy, the holy cross is taken out of the temple of Saint Archangels Mihailo and Gavrilo in which it has been kept over the last year. The liturgy led by Episcope of Banat mister Nikanor with priests of the Holy synod of Bela Crkva, the vicar of the Romanian Ortodox church, Mosije from Straža and the people start from the Vračev gaj temple and go to the predefined spot on the shores of Nera river. On that place, where traditionally according to customs blessing of water is performed, stood a bridge which was destroyed in 1944.By the end of the blessing of water, people from Bela Crkva and surroundings towns swim for the Cross, which is dropped in the river.

Fašanke in Grebenac

The start date of the manifestation is defined to correspond the beginning of the Easter fasting according to the Julian calendar (February or March). This is an old manifestation, which is called a masquerade in this area. The carnival is organized by the community centre in cooperation with "Mihael Sadoveanu" school and the citizens of the town. The carnival pageant is led by a folklore group which is called kalušari. A group of youngsters in traditional Romanian outfits, perform a dance which is done only on this day. In the morning hours kalušari visit every town house and do the dance in every home. During the manifestation different shows are organized thorough the day.

Culinary manifestations

Paprikašijada - A competition in cooking chicken stew in Češko selo. The start date is announced prior and is usually in the end of August. Community centre of Češko selo is organizing this event. More information can be had by calling 064/4142277
Burazijada –A competition of cooking tripes in Kusić, it's held in the second half of September, organised by Community centre of Kusić 013/859-066.
Crvenačko opasuljivanje – competition in cooking beans stew in Crvena Crkva, the event is held in the end of September, organised by Community centre of Crvena Crkva 013/859-066.
Gulašijada – a competition in cooking goulash, held on the first half of September in Kaluđerovo. Organised by Community centre of Kaluđerovo 013/854-077.

Events in Bela Crkva