Culture center "Bela Crkva"

Cultural Centre "Bela Crkva" is the central location for organized and sponsored activities that have impact on preserving and expanding cultural values of Bela Crkva. Within the center several branches operate operate: Cultural Artistic Society" Banaćanka ", a cinema, a discotheque and the city choir "Bella musica". Within the center operate the famous Bela Crkva Majorettes.
Founded in 1979., the Cultural Center with it's many institutions engaged in cultural activities such as showing film screenings, exhibitions, theatrical performances, literary evenings and many more activities.

City choir "Bella musica"

The choir “Bella musica” is the city choir of Bela Crkva, and exists for 5 years. The repertoire features spiritual, classical, folk and pop numbers. A special accent is on songs of minorities, on the source language, because in an multicultural town, where all nations and religions live in peace, and don't make differences, everyone deserves their number to be heard.
The choir sings in Serbian, Czech, German, Hungarian and Romanian languages.
Besides performing in Bela Crkva, the choir "Bella Musica" performs in other cities: Belgrade, Vršac, Dimitrovgrad, Jagodina. The choir performed abroad as well, in Macedonia, Romania, Hungary, in Prague, where the choir won the first prize in choir singing category.
The choir is handled by, professor Danijela Jokanović.

Cinema "Zvezda"

The only cinema in Bela Crkva municipality. Shows include newest films. In the summer the cinema is moved to to open, an unique experience.


KUD ’’BANAĆANKA’’ was formed in 1980. It was formed by youngsters, workers, farmers and students. To this day, working on nurturing and preservation of our heritage and keeps the original creativity of all our nations and nationalities.
KUD ’’BANAĆANKA’’ has 64 members, the company has 27 choreographies, or 230 dances, choreography is written by our famous choreographers: sisters Jankovic, Nada Đorđević, Dobrivoje Putnik, Bata Lackovic, Radojica Kuzmanovic, and many others.
For 35 years of our existence 11,500 children-dancers have passed through the KUD. We performed through almost the whole of Yugoslavia-Serbia, starting from Vardar to Triglav. We have performed and competed abroad: Macedonia, Romania, Greece, Hungary, Austria, and even Australia, where we were helped our emigrants to set up two choreographies. (Šumadija and Bunjevka).
We thank our choreographer-director and artistic manager Dragiša Krkuš, who received a plaque of the city Bela Crkva for his efforts and work in 2010. Mister Krkuš has worked for 50 years to cultivate and preserve original folklore creations.
Contakt phone: 013/853-677

Bela Crkva majorettes

Bela Crkva majorettes were formed in November 2012. The first official competition was in 2013. in Apatin, where they won 3rd place, and where they earn the right to attend at the first European Championship in Brno (Czech Republic), where they won the 13th place in Europe. For three years, the majorettes managed to become state champions Serbia (2015), and 7th at the European Championship which was held in France. They perform on carnivals in Serbia and abroad. Numbering about 90 members, the youngest chicks-girls from 4 to 8 years, cadets from 8 to 12, juniors 12 and older. They are the smile of our city and ambassadors of goodwill in Bela Crkva Contakt telephone: Dejan Đurić: 060-3853-408,

Culture center "Bela Crkva"