National museum

The museum was founded in 1877. by a group of citizens (Germans and Hungarians) in the building of Magistracy, with a certain historical objects (numismatic and archaeological). The museum was founded and managed by the famous Felix Mileker. Founder of the renovated museum was a professor of literature in the gymnasium - Svetolik Subotić he worked at the museum as an amateur until 1977. Since 1954 the museum was moved to its present location and was renamed National Museum Bela Crkva.

The building is under state protection as a cultural monument in 1989, as one of the oldest buildings in the center of Bela Crkva, because it was built in the early 19th century. The museum is of complex character, and has more set up's (archaeological, historical, ethnological, art, natural science, numismatics).

National Museum Bela Crkva