City Park

It represents a green oasis in the center of Bela Crkva, which offers visitors a pleasant break from the city bustle. In the center of the park is the pavilion for parties and gatherings reminiscent of times gone by. The first information about the existence of the park in Bela Crkva date from the period after 1840.
In 1912. today's music pavilion was erected. In 1913 the well was constructed. At the well cottage there is an engraving showing latitude, longitude and altitude of Bela Crkva. City Park in Bela Crkva has a regular geometric shape, whose star-trails extend from the two central circular plateau's, in whose center is a monument erected in honour of Victory over Fascism in World War 2. Renovation of the park was started in 2015 and we expect it to shine in a new light during the course of 2016.

Russian cadet square

The name was given because of the extraordinary contribution of the Russian migrants to Bela Crkva. In the central part there is a monument to Red Army soldiers who participated in World War II. On the square there is a church named "John the Theologian" or Russian Church as it is widely known, which was built in 1932. Until 1965. in the park stood a cross from 1818. a tribute from Vršački episkop Vikentije Jovanović Vidak. Today the cross is in the courtyard of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Railroad park

The railroad park was probably built during the construction of Bela Crkva railway station and tracks in the 19th century. This park is an area that is first seen by passengers after leaving the railway station ie. after the arrival to Bela Crkva. In the park there are tennis courts, basketball courts and a playground.