Besi Days

During the summer season in Bela Crkva a sports and tourist event "Besi days" is held. Dedicated to the legendary capital catfish, which weighs over 100 kg, which was seen by many, but no one could catch him. The event dates back to 1988 and was conceived as a catfish hunting tournament ( "Hunting Besi"). In the meantime it developed into an ecological event, in order to protect nature and wildlife in the lake.
"Besi days" are filled with sports events on the water - Besi regatta, competition in swimming across the lake, water polo game, sport fishing tournament, and on the coast a beach volleyball tournament, an exhibition of underwater photographs, and appropriate cultural and artistic program. All lovers of fish soup can help themselves from a large Besi kettle, free of charge.
„Besi Days“ were held in the beginning of August.

Bela Crkva in apples

White Church in apples is a tourist-economic event, which took place in early October of 2005. to 2011. The central program of the event is an apples and other fruit fair, in the city center.
Producers of fruit, local fruit juices, wine and brandy promote their products at the fair which is of showroom character. During the fair an competition in picking apples is organized. The main attraction at the fair is "Spirits festival", where the best homemade fruit brandies are chosen. City bakers are breaking records each year in preparing the "largest apple pie".
The town organizes cultural programs, souvenirs and handicrafts shops. Street basketball tournament "Golden Apple" is played during the event.
Events "Besi days" and "Bela Crkva in apples" are no longer maintained.