Three Crosses Lookout

Three Cross - Calvary, as a religious place is the meeting place of the Catholic processions and ritual pilgrimages, for the first time in Bela Crkva occurs in 1797, there were placed three wooden crosses. German settlers built 130 steps of importance to the suffering of Christ on Calvary, and on the top, three crosses stood, the central cross represented the crucified Jesus Christ, and the left and right represented two death row inmates. In 1820. the first reconstruction of this monument was done.

Since 1943, the monument received spiritual character and turned into a purgatory, when 100 Banat citizens were executed here. A wall was erected as a reminder of the shooting. In 2004 the three crosses were renovated.
Three Crosses lookout is a special place from which a remarkable view of the entire city extends.

Three Crosses lookout

Three Crosses lookout offers a view of Bela Crkva like at the palm of your hand. Getting to the lookout takes 300 steps which is a particular challenge. Mountain air, which comes from the slopes of the Carpathian Mountains here can be felt best.